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Application Development

Propelling your venture ahead!

Blending tech-savvy minds with delightful user experiences, Gem State Software crafts apps and integrations that can spark fresh value for your enterprise.

Illustrated image of a team of software developers working on a web application.

What we're all about.

Our Mission

Build great teams, build exceptional software!

Our Guiding Principals

Our promise is our handshake. We make things happen.

We team up with our clients who see us as part of the family.

We’re all about enriching our clients’ journeys, with software just being our magic wand.

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Our Clients' Feedback

Picture of Gem State Software client, Amit of HighQA

“An excellent job, all the way from planning, PM, to execution, encompassing .NET development, Azure DevOps, Cosmos DB, B2C, Azure Functions, integrating with Salesforce. Highly recommended.”

Amit Golan
Director of Information Systems, HighQA

Picture of Gem State Software client, David of Penta

“Overall, the combination of leadership, positivity, innovation, and adaptability make Gem State an outstanding choice for any software development consulting project.”

David Sin
Development Operations, Penta

Picture of Gem State Software client, Peter of Clean Designs

“I wouldn’t be able to recommend you, and what you have done for our business enough!”

Peter Erickson
Sales Manager, Clean Designs

Picture of Gem State Software client, Dan of Instemus

“Couldn't have done it without you, great work!”

Dr. Daniel Glauber
Founder, Instemus

Picture of Gem State Software client, Mark of Liquid Logic

“Clean, Efficient, Well Organized code that just works!”

Mark Latham
Founder, Liquid Logic

Our bendy blueprint.


What are we cooking? What ingredients do we already have?


Sketching our software symphony.


Engineering our electronic epic.


Launching our digital dreamboat.

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Our software superpowers

We’re proud polyglots, always adding new gadgets to our utility belts. Here’s a sneak peek at some of our most dazzling devices!

Cloud | IoT

Microsoft Azure and Azure DevOps

API's | Integrations

App Services and Functions written in .Net

Database | Data

SQL Server and Cosmos DB

Web | Mobile

Angular and Native Mobile (Kotlin/Swift).

Illustrated image of a designer ideating for a mobile application project.